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Sleighing the Billionaire

(Mountain Peak Series Book 2)

A Holiday Office Romance

Holly Kraner wasn’t looking for a man, but one fell into her lap.


The blue-eyed man dressed in a Santa suit asking for donations turned out to be her boss, billionaire Brad Marshal, founder, and CEO of Marshal Novelty Inc.


A hunk who’s doesn’t know Holly existed and, whose escapades precedes him, out of the blue, wants her to be his personal Mountain Peak tourist guide.


What type of private tourist guide does he have in mind?


Her wild days were behind her. She was no longer that carefree-anything goes, girl.


Against her better judgment, they explored the resort town together on an assignment for Marshal Novelty Inc.


Proximity does not discriminate. Spend enough time with some sexy guy, and you’re bound to be swept off your feet.


Holly fought it.

He was her playboy boss.

There was no reason for her to chance a heartbreak with him.


But her heart didn’t get the memo.  


She was all in.


As her shield started to come down, the rug was yanked from underneath her. Her sexy billionaire disappointed her.


He broke her heart


Can Brad redeem himself and mend her broken heart?


SLEIGHING THE BILLIONAIRE, Book #2 in the Mountain Peak Series, is a Contemporary Billionaire Holiday Romance from Author Brie Wilds.

*** SLEIGHING THE BILLIONAIRE is a novel about office romance, love, breakup, make up, and the beauty of intimacy. Its about billionaires, office romance, young love, deep hurt, and Christmas holiday. It has no cliff-hanger, with a happily ever after ending.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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