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Three Wise Men for Christmas

(Mountain Peak Series Book 3)

A Holiday Reverse Harem Romance

WARNING: This book has one girl and three sagacious…Emmm…enlightened men. She owns them all--heart, body, and soul.
Don’t read it unless you like age-gap romance, proximity, and enemies to lovers romance...and of course, unless you like threesomes, and foursomes.

She shook her upper body as if to physically shake off the imaginary shackles of darkness, trying to consume her.

Young, sad, and lonely.

For Claudia Kraner, December eight, was a day she couldn’t shake off no matter how hard she tried. She wished it were on the 29th of February. At least, that would spare her the yearly torment.

One text. Two words. That’s all it took to darken her mood.

A love for skiing. A chance encounter. One thing leading to another.

Three Skiers. One girl. A shattered heart, a conceited soul, and a trodden spirit.  Can one damaged girl really reconcile enemies and mend mangled hearts?
And… is a ski resort during the Christmas holiday, the place to do it?

THREE WISE MEN FOR CHRISTMAS, Book #3 in the Mountain Peak Series, is a Contemporary Holiday Romance from Author Brie Wilds.

*** THREE WISE MEN FOR CHRISTMAS is a 60,000 word novel about anguish, love, grief, and the beauty of sex. It contains ski instructors, a soldier of fortune, young love, deep hurt, broken pasts, group sex, one beautiful girl who falls in love with three guys, and three guys who fall in love with one beautiful girl. This novel is an MMMF book that has a STRONG focus on the woman, aka a reverse harem romance novel (one woman, three guys). NO cliff-hanger, and a happily ever after ending.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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